Whelped 12/23/94. Buddy was an absolutely sweet boy with brilliant coloring, true movement coming and going, and a nice balanced sidegait. Loved dearly by the Adyanthaya family of Houston, we lost Buddy to cancer in 1999. BAER bilateral. Never bred.

Pedigree of CH Thidwick Free Falling





AM/JP CH Centurion Cliffhanger

CH Penwiper All The Right Moves

CH Sunnyglen's Spencer For Hire

CH Indalane Blackwatch

Indalane Lady Sabrina

CH Penwiper's Hot To Trot

CH Dalmaley's Deltalyn Dickens

CH Penwiper Dot's Duplicate

CH Centurion Cinderella

CH Centurion Coachman

AM/CAN CH Tuckaway Bottoms Up Gusto CD

CH Coachman's Fancy Chocolates

Centurion Sea Breeze

CH Centurion Thunder Burstin CD

CH Centurion Rainbow

CH Thidwick Bungee Jumper CDX

AM/CAN CH Centurion Jaunty Jim

CH Centurion Thunder Burstin CD

CH Omega's Top Premier

CH Centurion Cloudburst CD

Soldal Centurion Sassafras

CH Count Miguel Of Tuckaway

Centurion Limited Edition

Thidwick Chloe O' Cleo CD

CH Thidwick Dom Perignon CD

CH Melody Fire On The Mountain CD

Thidwick Best Friend's Girl

CH Cardhill Thidwick Cleopatra CD

CH Cardhill Linphild Laredo

Cardhill Cadence

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