Deeter's son Barley the Budweiser Hitch Dog

Welcome to Dalmatia.

pogoRita, Zia and Friends

Zia in fashion wear
Rita and friends

Zia waiting for her friends

A cool summer swim

pogo Pogo

Pogo joined the Poulos family in California

rookie and dolly Rookie and Dolly

Dolly visits brother Rookie at the Firehouse in Pearland, Texas

Sammie's sister Dolly lounges in the pool.
Rudy at new home with Mom Sandy in New Jersey

jack Jack
Hailey's brother Jack hides in the flowers.

'HaHa - Now you're going to get a bath'

Dallas Kortz chasing bubbles in her Austin backyard

deeter and angie
Can Easter be far away?

blue angel
Our first double blue-eyed dog, Thidwick Blue Angel is owned by Leslie Logar in Austin, Texas. BAER bi-lateral.
She is the littermate of 4 champions out of Bungee.

Baxter relaxing in his new home with the Schmidts.

bonnie and horse


Bonnie and her horse


zack and friend

When it's sleepy time down south
Zach and veteran Ben in the Riedy household in Florida

tubing Tubing on Goat Creek with Dr. Murrmann and Trudy

parker and summer You talkin' to me?

trudy and truck

Let's see...oh, yeah, guard the truck, guard the truck...

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